Installing LOVD

Install process

Administrator account details
Fill in the database administrator data to install LOVD. The database administrator will be the first user registered with LOVD and has full access to all of LOVD's functionalities. The database administrator is the only user capable of creating manager accounts. Curator accounts can also be created by managers.

Most of the form is pretty straight forward, but I will highlight these two fields:
Number of entries per page: To save time to build up the variant table, the variant listings will be split into separate pages. Here you can specify the maximum number of variants you want to see on each page.
Allowed IP address list: An IP address is an address a computer is known by on the network. To help prevent others to try and guess the username/password combination, you can restrict access to the database administrator account to a number of IP addresses or ranges. This also means you need to be very careful with this setting, as being too restrictive may lock you out of your account. The default, unrestricted, value is *.

Information The database administrator is the absolute owner of the LOVD installation. Not only is he/she the only one that can uninstall LOVD from the database using the uninstaller, but he/she will also be able to create, edit or delete all user accounts in the system and (depending on the settings) receive submission and registration notifications.

After completing the database administrator account details, click the "Continue" button at the bottom. LOVD will apply a simple username and password quality check. If the provided details are OK, click the "Next >>" button.

The next step is to create all necessary LOVD database tables. LOVD will now generate tables for genes, users, submitters, patients, settings, modules, logs, etc. Also some default settings will be loaded and the database administrator account will be created. This can take a while and although LOVD will show the progress of the installation, some browsers may just show an empty screen for a couple of seconds. Please be patient until LOVD is finished installing itself. When everything is done, click the "Next >>" button.

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