LOVD Gene configuration area

Custom variant columns

To add a pre-configured column to the variant table, click the "Add unselected pre-configured custom column" link in the configuration area. You will get a list of variant columns that are available, but not yet added to the gene's variant table. Click the column you wish to add, and confirm using your password.

Custom columns that already have been added to the variant table can be edited, resorted or removed (the latter only in case it's not a HGVS standard column). These options are available from the "Manage selected custom columns" link in the configuration area.

The overview shows the selected variant columns which have been added to the gene's variant table and some settings like the column header, column width and the form type.
To change the order in which the variant columns are shown in the variant overviews, click the "Change column order" button. A new window will pop up where you can move columns around by selecting one and using the up or down buttons next the the list. Click the "Change column order" button to save the changes and close the window.
If you wish to change the default order in which variant columns appear in future gene databases (only available to Managers and up), click the "Change default column order (for new genes)" button next to the "Change column order" button.

Clicking on one of the entries in the overview will provide a detailed view and links to manage the custom column.

Edit column
You can make changes to the custom column, mostly the appearance. If you're unsure what the fields mean, check out the creating new columns section.

Reset column to current defaults
This will reset the column to the default settings, forgetting all your changes you may have made to the column's appearance. Please note that only managers and the database administrator can edit the default settings.

Delete column from gene
Columns that are not HGVS standard, can be removed from the variant table. Please note that any data you have stored in a column will be lost permanently if you remove it from the variant table.

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