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Custom links

Creating new links
When creating a custom link, you'll need to determine what the constant and dynamic parts are of the link you wish to point to. The dynamic parts will be the references that you will define. To create a new custom link, click on the "Create a new custom link" link in the setup area.

Link name: Fill in a short title that will make curators recognize what the custom link is for.
Pattern: Choose a pattern that curators need to use for LOVD to recognize the custom link. This pattern should always start with a '{' and end with a '}'. Between these braces only letters, numbers, spaces, some special characters (:;,_-) and references ([1] to [99]) may be used. The custom link pattern must be between 3-20 characters long. Two or more references directly after each other must be separated by at least one character to keep the two apart.
Replacement text: Fill in the (HTML enabled) text that should replace the entire pattern. It is intended to be a HTML link, but can actually be anything. You need to use the same number of references that you used in the pattern, but a specific reference can be used twice or more in the replacement text.
Link description: Provide a short description about this link. What will it point to, what is supposed to be used for which reference?
Active: You can enable or disable a custom link using this checkbox. When it's disabled, the custom link patterns will not be replaced.
Active for columns: Select for which columns you want this custom link to be activated.

Information To select a few columns, you can use the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard. Holding the Ctrl key while clicking on an entry allows you to select or deselect this entry. You can select a range of list entries by selecting the first of the range, then holding Shift and clicking the last of the range. On a Macintosh, use the Command key instead of the the Ctrl key.

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