LOVD Setup


Deleting submitters
Deleting a submitter in LOVD can be both permanent and non-permanent. Since the submitter may have created or edited variants and patients, permanently deleting the submitter from the system may leave some references in the database broken and is therefore only possible with submitters not linked to any patients. Deleting a submitter disables the submitter's account, but leaves the account dormant. A deleted submitter can be 'revived' by editing the submitter and unchecking the 'deleted' checkbox.

From the submitter's detailed view, a link named "Delete submitter" is available if the user has not already been deleted. After clicking that link, you need to confirm deleting the submitter with your password. If the submitter is already deleted and has no associated submissions, the account can be permanently deleted by clicking the "Permanently delete submitter" link.

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