LOVD Setup

Uninstalling LOVD (database administrator only)

Only the database administrator can uninstall LOVD, provided the uninstall lock has not been set when LOVD was installed. The uninstall lock is set within the MySQL database and can only be removed by directly accessing MySQL. Uninstalling LOVD can also be done by using MySQL directly, and removing all LOVD tables.

To uninstall LOVD and remove all data stored in LOVD, go to the setup area and click on the "Uninstall LOVD" link. This link is only available if the uninstall lock is disabled. You will need to fill in the database administrator's password twice to complete the uninstallation process.

Warning Once you have uninstalled LOVD, you have lost all variant and patient information. If you wish to keep them, make sure you download all data!

Information Please note that the LOVD uninstaller will not remove the LOVD files itself, just the database tables that it has created during install and use. Thus, to completely remove LOVD from the system, also remove the files from the server.

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