Variant and patient data

Downloading data to text files

Besides the two download options in the configuration area, LOVD also supports to download a subset of a gene's variant and patient data. Authorized users always have access to this, all other users will only be able to download the data if the gene's curator enabled this feature in the gene settings.

If this feature is enabled or you are an authorized user, the unique and full variant listings will have a disk icon below the data table. Clicking this disk creates a download file in LOVD import format. In case you provided search terms, only the results will be included in the download file. Also the order in the downloaded file is equal to the order of the entries on the screen.
If you're downloading from the unique variant listing, only the variant columns are presented in the downloaded file. The columns and entries you are not authorized to see, will also be left out of the downloaded file.

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