Variant and patient data

Editing variant data

Variant data can be edited by authorized users that have access to the gene containing the variant (appointed curator, manager or the database administrator) or, if the "my submissions" setting has been enabled, also the submitter owning the connected patient can edit the variant information.

To edit the variant information, go through any of the available variant listings and find the variant you're looking for. Click the variant (if you were on the unique variant listing, you'll need to click again to select the variant belonging to the correct patient) to go to the detailed view. Below the variant data table, click the "Edit variant" link. The form to edit a variant is similar to the variant submission form.
In case a submitter edits the variant information, the curator(s) connected to the variant's gene will be notified of the changes and the variant status will be put back to marked in case the variant was already public. However, if nothing is changed by the submitter, nothing is updated in the database and the curators are not notified.

If you just wish to curate (publish) the variant without making any changes, use the "Curate variant" link below the variant data table. You will then only need to go through the form in case the entry is not ready for publishing (i.e. empty mandatory fields).

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