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GenBank File Uploader

LOVD uses GenBank files containing your genes' sequences for some optional functionalities, such as creating a reference sequence and the mutation check Mutalyzer module. If you want LOVD to use your GenBank file, you can use this script to upload your GenBank file to LOVD. If you have no GenBank file associated with your gene yet, this script will automatically configure LOVD to use the uploaded GenBank file. For the uploader to work, you will need to make the genbank directory writable.

The form is rather straight forward. You have to select a gene, for which you will upload a GenBank file. This implies that for new genes, you first need to create the gene, and only then you can upload the GenBank file. You can choose to have the uploaded file renamed to a standard name, such as DMD.gb for the DMD gene, or to retain its original name. If you already have a GenBank file for the selected gene, you can choose to delete it or to have it overwritten by the uploaded file.

When you upload a new GenBank file for a gene that does not have a GenBank file associated with it yet, LOVD will automatically configure the gene database to use this new GenBank file.

Information This feature was added in LOVD 2.0-17, released 2009-04-06.

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